Our Team

  • Managing Director - Derrick Sebastian Sim

    8 years of experiences in sales, services and business management. Major in Mechanical Engineering & Physcology.
    “I enjoy working with my team and the greatest satisfaction comes from a satisfied yacht owner, especially when they give you the smile as you pass them the keys! Nothing beats that…"

    Chief Operating Officer - David Sim

    Founder of SIMS, 36 years with Grand Banks in multiple positions across all aspects of business, latterly as Shop Manager. Specialist in fiberglass manufacture and repair, mechanical and electrical. Been operating local repair and maintenance business for past 6 years with SIMS. “Without family and friends you have nothing, I am glad to have a dedicated team who are family to me."

    Business & Administrative Manager - Celestine Chng

    4 years of experiences in customer service and business management. Majoring in Fine Arts & Designs, minor in Varnishing & Painting. “I enjoy working with David as we can learn alot from him and he treats us like a big family!”

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